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Pad ArgoNet Support
ArgoNet Acorn (RISC OS) Support
Keeping In Touch
The Keeping In Touch section contains list of email address and newsgroups specifically for Voyager users.

There's also back issues of announcements that effect Voyager users, and the latest announcement can always be viewed from here.

Account Details
Although it's not secure sending your account details via email, we can send you a program that will allow you to read the details from inside Voyager. All you have to do is fill in your email address below. This is a completely automated system, so the program should take only half an hour to an hour to be forwarded on.

Note: as an anti-hacking and anti-spam measure, you have to use an address ending in - even if you purchased your account with a domain name your account would originally have been created with an ArgoNet address.

Your email address:

Email Addresses
Technical Support
Argonet Sales
Subscription Enquiries
Accounts Department
Telephone numbers
ArgoNet Support0500 595 596
ArgoNet Sales0500 585 586
The following newsgroups are specifically for ArgoNet users:
  • argonet.announce
    For official announcements and important messages of interest to all ArgoNet users. This group is moderated, which means that unlike most groups only messages passed by the editor ("moderator") will be allowed through.
  • argonet.zfc
    The ZFC are a group of people dedicated to promoting and enhancing the family atmosphere that exists amongst ArgoNet users. Argonet users are almost by default members of the ZFC, so don't be shy, dip into the newsgroup, take a look at the ZFC web pages or email the ZFC Coordinator at

    You'll find that a number of prominent ZFC members are active in most Argonet newsgroups.

  • argonet.acorn.assist
    Here you can discuss technical matters to do with computers or the internet - for instance, if you want to discuss web page authoring, running software etc. then this is the place. Acorn users with enquiries about the main Voyager internet suite should use argonet.acorn.voyager.

  • argonet.acorn.voyager
    This group is for discussing matters directly relating to the Voyager software, such as bugs, running tips etc.

  • argonet.acorn.misc
    For (mostly Argo-related) discussions not covered in the other groups.

  • argonet.acorn.binaries
    ArgoNet related programs can be posted here so that others can get them easily. These groups are not moderated, but people posting here are requested to follow a more strict set of rules - programs and files must be compressed into a single file, which under no circumstances should exceed 50k in size. Follow-ups should be set to the relevant group (for instance, if it's something to do with Voyager authoring on Acorns you should set follow-ups to argonet.acorn.voyager), and there should be no postings other than ones with attached binaries - certainly no chat.
You might also be interested in these Acorn (RISC OS) related groups which are open to all:
comp.sys.acorn.advocacy unmoderated
comp.sys.acorn.announce MODERATED
comp.sys.acorn.apps unmoderated
comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpu unmoderated unmoderated
comp.sys.acorn.hardware unmoderated
comp.sys.acorn.misc unmoderated
comp.sys.acorn.networking unmoderated
comp.sys.acorn.programmer unmoderated
You can click here to download the latest newsgroup file from UUNet/Pipex (beware, it's usually over 1MB)
Winter 99 News 24 Nov 996k
Late March 99 31 Mar 992k
Late December News 23 Dec 984k
December News 4 Dec 984k
August: number change 25 Aug 984k
May News 14 May 986k
March News 16 Mar 983k
February News 25 Feb 981k
Late January News 28 Jan 982k
Early January News 7 Jan 982k